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Chocolate Workshop

Full Chocolate Workshops

Spend a few hours with Nenette to learn about chocolate: create your own chocolates to take home to amaze your friends and families.

Nenette Demonstrating tempering chocolate

Chocolate has some incredible stories.  Find out where it comes from, some background about how it has arrived in the forms which we know and love today.  Sample some beautiful, single origin chocolates and find out how to enhance your chocolate tasting experience.

It’s time to get chocolatey – find out how to make beautiful truffles: have a go at decorating your chocolate moulds, tempering chocolate and making truffle fillings.  Bring all these things together by making your own chocolates.

There will be a chance to explore flavours and to understand and overcome some common pitfalls of making ganache and tempering chocolate.  So you can then take your new to try out at home too.

A perfect activity for groups of friends (up to 6 for this workshop) or a great way to meet new ones. Try making chocolates as a corporate team or indeed for hen party activities.  Nenette is happy to accommodate small groups of up to 4 people in her own chocolate workshop or to come to you.

Please allow at least three and a half hours (a half-day) for your workshop.  You will be provided with all the equipment and ingredients you need including an apron.  All Nenette asks is that you come prepared to get chocolatey!

Please wear clothing that is not likely to join your ingredients in the chocolates, shoes you’re comfortable to stand in for a few hours and tie your long hair up so that you can concentrate on your chocolate.  Finally, please don’t bring your precious jewellery to the workshop as it will get covered in chocolate too!

Chocolate Workshop ‘in a nut-shell’

For larger groups of people (up to 15), and social or corporate events where you have a shorter length of time to devote to learning about chocolate, the Chocolate Workshop ‘in a nut-shell’ could be just your thing.

Make your chocolates in about an hour and a half. Nenette will share chocolate stories with you while she shows you how to temper chocolate and to make flavoured truffle fillings.

While she does this, she will also explain how you can avoid some common pitfalls so you could make your own chocolates later at home too.

Using the tempered chocolate and the filling that Nenette has made for you, you will then create your own truffles in ready-prepared chocolate shells.  As chocolate that has been tempered correctly sets within around 5 minutes, you can be quickly on your way with your beautifully packaged treats!

Chocolate demonstrations

Where you want to learn about chocolate but not get chocolatey yourselves, Nenette is happy to demonstrate how to make chocolate truffles to you.  This is perfect for larger audiences at events of all descriptions.

You will find out how to temper chocolate and why this is important and how to make the truffle fillings.  You can even take away (or more likely eat!) the truffles that are made during the demonstration.

Please allow about 30 – 45  minutes for a Chocolate Demonstration.

Please get in touch with Nenette on the Contact Page to arrange your workshop or demonstration.

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