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A delicious range of the finest bespoke handmade chocolates.
Find your chocolate ‘moment of happiness.’

Nenette hand makes every chocolate in small batches for you.

She carefully tempers the chocolate for a perfect finish every time and combines it with only simple, fresh ingredients.

All Nenette Chocolates are naturally gluten-free.  The selections  include dairy-free (also suitable for vegan diets) and low sugar chocolates

Nenette uses Belgian Callebaut chocolate with which she makes all her chocolates. Great care has been taken to select this delicious chocolate which has a wonderful story of sustainability and responsibility.  Reinvestment is focused on empowering the growers and producers to protect the future of cocoa plantations around the world.

Nenette Chocolates are special: ‘One of my biggest delights is seeing the expression on customers’ faces as they taste my chocolates for the first time.’

Let Nenette know if there is something that you think would be fabulous in chocolate to create your moment of happiness!

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Your chocolates are better then
Fortnum & Mason’s.

I have cancelled my subscription to Hotel Chocolate and will be buying Nenette Chocolates instead.